August 6, 2021 - EFFIN was fair launched with a total supply of 1 trillion EFFINs with no prior announcement, no pre-sale, no white-listings, no developer wallets, with all EFFIN accounted for in the liquidity pair contract. Although a "true fair launch" such as Bitcoin's immaculate conception is now mythical in nature and can no longer be achieved by any cryptocurrency, the development team behind EFFIN wanted to come as close to it as possible.

EFFIN launched with an initial fractional US Dollar value of 0.000000001 USD per EFFIN. With this low entry point, strict limitations to all types of transactions are limited to 2% of the total supply and an investor limitation has been imposed so that an investor cannot buy more than 10% of the total supply to avoid market manipulation.

These restrictions do not affect an investor's ability to receive any dividends or gains and will be applied throughout EFFIN's existence to keep equality and fair play.