Equal Opportunity

EFFIN is a Development Driven Project, Effortless Finance Developments and its founding developers have withheld and intend to never hold an EFFIN as a developer avoiding reliance and gains from its current market value and fair launched EFFIN with no prior announcement, no pre-sale, no white-listings, no developer wallets, and have funded the initial liquidity of EFFIN without outside intervention nor assistance to come as close as possible to a "true fair launch" leaving everything to discovery.

Locked Liquidity

The initial and any newly minted liquidity tokens from EFFIN's tokenomics and liquidity pair are locked away automatically and without any intervention to an extendable lock duration smart contract token locker that will be extended annually except in cases where evolution or development progression calls for the liquidity tokens to be moved.

Optimized Calculations and Security

EFFIN's proprietory smart contract uses the latest stable release of Solidity 0.8.2 and is compatible with future releases, the latest stable release of Solidity uses less gas and fewer calculations steps to avoid math overflows combined with a well-planned programming construction that prevents reentrancy attacks and security vulnerabilities.

Future Proofed

During EFFIN's development, critical flaws from other cryptocurrency projects have been reviewed, considered, and resolved with the latest release of EFFIN Smart Contract. EFFIN's development team have proudly announced that EFFIN investors can hold their EFFIN even longer than a millennium and will never encounter the risk of reference overflow, incompatibility with an upgraded router, a changed liquidity addresses, and other such nuisances.

EFFINVault 1.3.0 BETA

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