Until Further Notice The EFFIN Project Is On Hold.

To everyone that trusted us on this journey,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but unfortunately, we encountered a major setback with DxSale where they transferred the token pairs to a different location than what was specified on our Smart Contract, you can view the following token pairs here:

1. Actual DxSale Token Pair:

2. EFFIN Smart Contract Token Pair:

Unfortunately, we locked our Liquidity pool for three (3) years and cannot transfer the amounts contained nor could DxSale transfer this themselves.

Because of this major setback, we are putting the project on HOLD until the issue is fixed and ask for your understanding and forgiveness. NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON THIS PROJECT (it’s just that we cannot cater to external pressure as of the moment).

As we’ve stated before, we are devs and bankers who have BIG PLANS & CLEAR GOALS to see this project through (we acknowledge our limitations and have embarrassingly learned from it).

We coordinated with DxSale but sadly they have advised that they cannot assist with the issue.

As of the moment we have turned off any tokenomics or taxes on transactions and will be keeping swaps open.

If you have any unclaimed tokens with DxSale, you can still claim them through the following address:

We suggest exchanging your tokens back to BNB due to the uncertain amount of time we need to resolve the issue, as we have mentioned WE DON’T WANT YOUR PRE-SALE CONTRIBUTIONS HELD HOSTAGE.

Kindly use the following link to PancakeSwap and set your “Slippage” to 1% to exchange your tokens for BNB:

For those who are willing to stay with us, we are truly grateful. We will brush off this birthing pain and COME BACK STRONGER!

Honestly, we cannot give you a specific timeline of when the project will resume (we are truly devastated and needs to take a breather). We’ll leave the Telegram open (privately – requesting current members to not invite anyone who didn’t contribute) for anyone who is willing to support us (NOT FINANCIALLY AT THIS POINT). All other media outlets associated with us will not be taken down, but we cannot promise any immediate response till the EFFIN project is BACK.